An ALS Patient’s Journey With Supplements

In September of 2012, Royce was given a spreadsheet filled with vitamins and supplements recommended for those suffering with ALS.

They were all part of a well known protocol that highlights the benefits of AAKG.

For Royce, the list made sense given he was already taking some of them. So, he decided to give it a try and follow the protocol and see if it made any difference.

While not 100% effective, he says that he’s absolutely certain it made a difference. He started off with a plan to follow it for six straight months. 

At first it was a little hard to follow.

Royce felt the hardest part was getting the needed exercise that the protocol suggested. 

One thing he recommended was taking AAKG with apple juice to improve the taste and to organise the doses with early morning, morning, lunch, afternoon, night and late night.

That’s how our Neuro-Health Protocol is organized on this page.

Royce noticed a difference in energy and symptoms of the disease and recommended that if you can’t afford all the products in the protocol, to start with the AAKG.

He suggests always having an extra bottle on hand.

He also recommends resistance exercises to stay fit and to maintain your muscle mass.

“I feel like I have progressed more slowly since I began following the protocol.” says Royce.

To make life simpler for people just like Royce, we’ve bundled all the most important supplements into one package.

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