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Replenishing Your Cellular Battery

Ever heard someone say “I’m too old for that” or “I wish I could borrow that young person’s energy”? Most of us have just automatically assumed that getting older means feeling tired and exhausted. 

The great thing is… Modern science would disagree!

Most of us experience more fatigue and less energy with age.

That’s because of genetic alterations in cells that cause muscles to lose mass and strength. As a result? Strenuous activities are just more tiring.

Even the heart muscles weaken, reducing the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the rest of the body. While even the fittest will not have the energy they had as a child, you certainly can dramatically reduce the decline as we age.

Here’s Some Ways to Boost Energy

  • Stay Active
    Exercise raises your heart rate. Over time, it helps strengthen your heart muscle so it can pump more with less effort.

    For some, this one’s as easy as taking the dog for a walk, doing some gardening or time in a pool. Even some basic stretches, water aerobics or chair yoga can help.

  • Stimulate Muscle Growth
    Supplements like AKG help increase muscle strength and endurance by preventing Muscle protein breakdown. Vitamin D is also helpful for strong bones.

  • Boost Your Metabolism
    Vitamin B3 (Niacin) helps the body naturally burn more fat. It helps process proteins and activates stored energy instead of storing it.

    Surprisingly, the other thing known to help the metabolism as we get older is sleep! One thing you’ll read in some of the testimonials of those who see symptom reduction is sleep quality. It’s just one of the side benefits of fewer symptoms.

That’s why Niacin and AKG are both in the formula on this page.

The formula has ingredients that help with neurodegenerative diseases, kidney function, cardiovascular support, and sustaining the vital neurological pathways that boost energy. 

If you or someone you care about struggles with having the energy to do the things they love… try the AAKG+ Core Protocol.

Nothing replaces quality of life. It’s worth investing in.

They’re worth it, and so are you!

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