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This Helps Protect Dopamine Producing Cells

“The memory of the feeling at that moment is still so vivid,” Sean recalls. “It felt as if the life completely drained out of my right arm from the elbow down.” A month later, he began to notice reduced dexterity in his right hand. Sean initially attributed these feelings to natural causes.

Eventually though, Sean saw a doctor and diagnosed him with Parkinson’s. “As laid in bed, I thought… How did this happen? What did I do wrong? What caused this?”

Normally, brain cells are protected by antioxidants like this one.

Parkinson’s diagnosis is often confirmed by the loss of dopamine-producing neurons within the substantia nigra portion of the brain. This is mostly due to age, genetic factors and environmental toxins that cause oxidative stress.

That stress causes damage to neurons within the brain.

Our glutathione levels tend to decline with age. Some of that is due to chronic inflammation, stress or diet… but there’s lots of possible reasons for it. 

Ultimately, reduced glutathione leads to far more cellular damage. 

It’s one of the causes of problems such as memory loss, mood disorders, and neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Fortunately, there are ways to increase your glutathione levels and support your brain health. One of them is taking glutathione supplements, which can provide a direct source of this antioxidant to your cells. 

Studies have shown that easily absorbed glutathione supplements can improve cognitive function, reduce oxidative stress markers, and enhance mitochondrial function in older adults.

That’s why we produce this liposomal glutathione.

It’s basically glutathione that has been packaged within a liposome, which is a little pocket of fat cells. This format not only helps preserve the nutrient but also makes it easier to absorb. 

It’s far less invasive than injections, costs less and is easier to take for those who aren’t able to take tablets or supplements.