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Does this Indian spice combat inflammation?

Why This Spice is Controversial Among Some Researchers

There’s a lot of argument these days about the key ingredient in curry. It’s what gives the dish its yellow colour and many studies have shown its potential to reduce inflammation, help the immune system, fight free radicals and help slow disease.

Uncontrolled Inflammation is a big problem as we get older. Most modern doctors believe that low-level inflammation actually plays a key role in the progression of metabolic, heart (1), Alzheimer’s, and neurological diseases.

Yet not everyone agrees the spice deserves all its praise.

While it’s been in use for thousands of years in India, China, Taiwan and Indonesia, much of the benefits claimed by health experts over the years have been hard to prove. 

Some studies saw incredible results in a short period of time, and others saw fewer results. Curious why some didn’t see a difference right away? There’s a really good reason.

That’s because on its own, it doesn’t absorb well in the body. 

It helps to consume it with black pepper (like BioPerine) a natural substance shown to enhance its absorption by 2,000% (2) and take enough to see a difference.

The other challenge is, while it’s commonly found in many foods, you’d have to eat a lot of them to see benefits (3). Still, a trusted old spice like Tumeric is safe and convenient, when taken as a supplement.

Turmeric is actually part of the ginger root family, and ginger is also known to have long-term anti-inflammatory benefits. 

That’s why when our team of scientists, doctors and care-givers discussed making a better Tumeric based supplement, we included these:

  • Turmeric Root Extract – a highly concentrated version of the active ingredient Curcumin.
  • BioPerine – to help boost the absorption of Tumeric itself
  • Ginger Root Extract – to help protect the brain, gut and support healthy inflammatory levels.

Together they help give the best possible natural anti-inflammatory mix for potency, quality and absorption. 

You can see our unique Tumeric Blend here. 

Modern sports teams, arthritis sufferers and many others take it regularly. They trust that it’ll help provide all natural relief without as many side effects as you might expect from non-natural or chemical alternatives.

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