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Couple traveling and looking at a map together

Here’s Some Travel Essentials For Neuro-Health

As the warmer weather and sunlight approaches the biggest travel season (next to Christmas) begins. Lots of older people and those struggling with neurological issues wonder, should I still travel?

You absolutely should!

Anyone who still has the ability to get out of a bed should do so as often as possible and enjoy this beautiful world. It might take a little extra planning, special accommodations for wheelchairs, elevators and pre-planning shorter duration activities, but quality of life depends on it!

#1. Get plenty of rest

Lack of quality sleep is tied to a long list of illnesses. In fact, it’s one of the early signs of diseases like Parkinson’s.

Our bodies naturally produce a hormone that helps provide a better nights rest. The problem is, people with a neurological disease usually don’t produce enough. Regularly getting extra Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) is important as part of a healthy lifestyle.

That’s why it’s included in our AAKG+ Core Protocol

#2. Try to keep the same routine

After arrival at your planned destination, try to keep a similar morning, breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime as you do at home. Take your supplements, medications and foods around similar timeframes. 

It seems obvious, but it’s easy to slip out of routine and face lower energy levels, stress or constipation. Those contribute to making trips memorable for all the wrong reasons.

The dosing guide here helps if you’re using a supplement like AAKG.

Man getting sunlight while sitting on a park bench

#3. Get sunlight or up the Vitamin D

One big benefit of sunlight is that it makes people happier. The body naturally produces more dopamine and Vitamin D while in the sunlight. Vitamin D helps the immune system, strengthens bones and even relieves pain! It’s even known to help sleep quality.

Low Vitamin D is also common for those with neurological conditions, which is why 83% of your daily intake is included in our Optimax Multi-Vitamin.

No matter where you go, who you visit or what sights you see… try to enjoy them to the fullest! 

It’s those precious memories that make life worth living.