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Why some people live so much longer than others

The Island Where People Live Longer

It’s Baffled Many Scientists…
Some Clues Show Why These Folks Live So Long

It’s no secret that some places have lower rates of Parkinson’s, ALS, heart disease or any other illnesses we commonly associate with old age. The amazing thing is, one such place is the island of Ikaria in Greece.

It’s a place where 2.5 times as many people live past the age of 90 (compared to the USA). Not only do the people of Ikaria live longer, they also live higher quality lives with fewer incidences of dementia or other neurological disease.

According to a study conducted by the Medical School of the University of Athens, Icarians live at least until their 90th year of age.

Cardiology Research and Study

You might think it’s the simple low-stress lifestyle that helps them live so long, but most of it has to do with regular exercise and diet.

Here’s some lessons we can learn from the Ikarian people:

  • Lower intake of saturated fat from meats or dairy
  • Regular use of olive oil which helps lower cholesterol
  • Eating wild greens and other antioxidants
  • A mediterranean diet with plenty of fish, vegetables and fruit
  • An afternoon nap which has been shown to decrease stress

What’s interesting is… L-arginine – The amino acid found in food that is what allows the body to produce AKG naturally – is found in most of the foods of Ikaria!

Foods like fish, chicken, beans, whole grains, nuts and seeds are all good sources of L-arginine. The sad thing is, we produce less AKG from these foods as we age. 

Countless studies have shown that AKG can help reduce symptoms associated with neurological diseases such as muscle spasms, but did you know it can also support healthy ageing? 

It’s been used to speed up wound healing times, protection for patients undergoing heart surgery and increase natural energy levels in athletes.

That’s why it’s at the core of our Core+ Blend Supplement.

Years ago, we discovered some of the supplements offering the same ingredient lacked the potency needed. We also felt there were a few other elements that would support neurological health as we age and support those struggling with some diseases.

We can’t all move to Greece, but we can definitely take some dietary, supplement and lifestyle changes to help live a better quality of life.