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Healthy Weight Maintenance in Chronic Illness

The elderly, chronically ill patients or those with life threatening diseases are at risk for poor nutrition and subsequent weight loss. The maintenance or gain of healthy weight and proper regular, consistent nutritional intake can profoundly impact the disease, along with the body’s ability to combat disease, and most of all a patient’s overall quality of life. Patients with chronic illness often lose their appetite or cannot tolerate food well, and the consequences of that beyond losing weight they are also losing vital nutrients that are imperative during illness. The deficiency in nutrients subsequently lead to a decline in the person’s energy and their ability to withstand medications or prescribed protocols. Malnutrition is a common problem for those facing diseases and can play a factor in the patient’s side effects, decreased ability to fight infection and overall prognosis and outcome [1].

Simplesa ™ understands how important nutritional maintenance is, which is why we have introduced a new product called Simplesa Retain™ to support healthy weight management and stable nutritional balance.

Retain™ is a high calorie nutritional supplement that includes high quality, complex carbohydrate and protein ingredients helpful for promoting healthy weight management and increased lean body mass. The combination with other essential nutrients has a low glycemic index and is also low in fat. The benefits of Retain are that it provides for a healthy sustained energy source for patients who are struggling with appetite or weight loss problems. This nutritional supplement significantly lowers insulin and blood glucose response compared to maltodextrin. It also does not cause bloating or gastric discomfort as it moves quickly through the stomach for rapid glycogen replenishment and nutrient uptake in the muscles. The new product comes in a convenient powder that is available in either natural chocolate or vanilla flavors.

As with all nutritional supplements we suggest that you speak with your physician to determine what works best with your health situation and lifestyle needs. Retain™ Does Not Contain Sugar, salt, yeast, wheat, gluten, corn, soy, milk, egg, shellfish or preservatives artificial perspectives or color.



For more information on Retain please visit the product pages:

[1] http://www.cancer.gov/about-cancer/treatment/side-effects/appetite-loss/nutrition-hp-pdq