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Why Many Doctors Are Still DiscoveringThe Incredible Benefits of AKG and AAKG

In the 17th century, Captains sailed from port to port trying to outrun Scurvy. The British Navy alone lost 133,000 sailors to it. It wasn’t until the 1960’s when clinical trials clearly demonstrated it was curable by access to fresh fruit or Vitamin C.

Modern antibiotics were available in ancient Egypt, but modern doctors didn’t discover and administer them until the 1950’s. 

L-arginine, AAKG and AKG like this one are still ‘new’

When you consider how fast scientific research is funded, conducted and released to the public, these supplements are a very recent discovery.

The unfortunate thing is… not every substance and application that deserves testing and study is actually funded each year. 

The big question is… Should you trust that AKG could actually help?

Our bodies already produce high levels of Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AKG)… but after age 40, levels of AKG drop dramatically. Everyone’s body needs it, but it would be unrealistic to eat enough of the foods that could replace it.

AKG is responsible for at least 600 enzymatic reactions in our body. For instance, AKG is the primary enzyme group we use to make glutathione for our red blood cells.

New studies proving its benefits are released all the time. 

Here’s just some of them:

  • Alpha-ketoglutarate increases life span, reduces frailty and reduces inflammation in middle-aged mice (1)
  • AKG has been shown to have a protective effect against osteoporosis (2)
  • Dietary AKG may improve protein metabolism and synthesis in older adults (3)
  • When combined with Vitamin B, AKG may be essential in long-term nerve strength, memory, and neurotransmission (4,5)
  • In mice, AKG inhibited liver disease progression (5)
  • AKG has been shown to improve kidney function in patients with chronic renal failure (5)
  • Topical AKG reduces skin wrinkle formation by increasing collagen production (6)
  • AKG prevents skeletal muscle degradation and muscle atrophy (7)
  • AKG can prevent the brain from oxidative damage by increasing neuronal concentrations of antioxidative enzymes (8)

There’s no doubt that Alpha-Ketoglutarate has a lot of potential benefits… but the real question is… 

Does it matter where you buy it?

We think it does. You don’t always know where or how some brands source their ingredients. We’ve fought hard to find the most pure, easily absorbed and naturally sourced ingredients produced right here in the USA. 

Potency is important. That’s why you may not need as much of our AKG supplement as other brands.

You’ll also notice our AAKG+ Core Blend includes Vitamin B (niacin) which helps nerve strength as mentioned above. It also includes an easily absorbed CoQ10 supplement for brain & muscle health. 

If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with a brain, neurological or age-related condition, it’s worth trying a month’s supply (one container with 90 servings).

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