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Flu Season & Keeping Healthy

The Flu season impacts a lot of people this time of year. There is always a lot of media about getting sick, so we have compiled some useful resources that could come in handy to stay healthy.

When is Flu Season?

The Flu season runs from October into late spring. The CDC says “the flu season begins when certain key flu indicators (for example, levels of influenza-like illness (ILI), hospitalization and deaths) rise and remain elevated for a number of consecutive weeks. Usually ILI increases first, followed by an increase in hospitalizations, which is then followed by increases in flu-associated deaths.” ¹

What is the difference between a Cold and the Flu?
Both a cold and Flu are respiratory illnesses. Typically, a cold is far less severe in nature and duration. Most of us know all too well that a bad cold and related symptoms will usually last for a few days or a week. Lingering symptoms that persist or worsen can indicate you have the Flu or a secondary concern.  Flu symptoms can make you ill for days to even weeks.

Why is the Flu a big deal?
No one likes to get sick, and getting a nasty cold during cold weather seems bad enough. A Flu can often be far worse in symptoms, downtime, and complications than a typical cold.
For those with chronic illness or disabilities it can be an incredibly dangerous. A recent article and video from CNN tells many “It’s time to get your flu shot.” Those who are young, old, or at risk from the complications that might occur from the Flu on a weaker immune system need to be protected.

Fight the Flu
Fight the Flu

How to protect yourself from the Flu?
One suggested precaution is to get the Flu vaccination / shot. The Flu vaccination this year is “expected to be more effective than last season.” ² It is recommended that not only should high risk people get the shot, but also those who spend time around them. Caretakers and family members also have be cautious as they can be contagious and transmit the Flu.

Why do I need a Flu shot every year?
Many wonder why we need to get another Flu vaccination every year. The reason is simple: the virus changes. A recent article in USA Today states that doctors are anticipating this to be a tough season and a nasty Flu. “Dr. Robin Altman, chief of general pediatrics for Children’s & Women’s Physicians of Westchester, suspects this may be another tough battle with the virus. Altman is urging patients to get vaccinated now, since it takes two weeks for the body to build up immunity. The flu vaccine remains the best protection against the virus.”³

I have ALS should I get the Flu Shot?
Protecting those with ALS from the Flu is very important. The ALS Association wrote a recent article about what you need to know to protect people with ALS from the Flu. Avoiding crowded places or people who are sick with either a cold or Flu is recommended. Some common sense and good hygiene are suggested. Caretakers and family members of those with ALS may want to get vaccinated.  ALS patients should always discuss the benefits and risks of getting vaccinated with their doctor. 4

A Flu for a person with weak swallowing and respiratory processes represents a significant health issue. Additional information on the Flu Virus and protecting your family and yourself this Flu season can also be found on: http://www.earlydetectionplan.org/


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